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Pass Through Dishwashers, Commercial Glasswashers & Potwashers

While your choice of commercial dishwasher will largely depend on the size of your café, bar or restaurant, upright dishwashers (or pass through dishwashers) are perfect for use in all kinds of food service businesses.

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The make, model and size of upright washer you choose will then depend on the volume of dishes that normally pass through your kitchens.

If you’re the owner of a large and flourishing business, a nice-sized pass through dishwasher might just be the best option for you. In contrast, if your business isn’t so big and your turnover of customers isn’t as large, you can find the perfect-sized compact commercial pass through dishwasher to suit your requirements.

The Benefits of Commercial Pass Through Dishwashers

A passthrough dishwasher is quite similar to an undercounter dishwasher but is much more suited to a larger business that requires a unit that is capable of handling a much larger volume of dishes on an hourly basis.

  • In a pass through dishwasher, the washing racks are manually pushed at bench height into the wash chamber. As no bending or lifting is required, this makes a pass through dishwasher much more efficient for busier kitchens.
  • If you opt to install a sink with an overhead spray, you can rinse off all dirty dishes before you put them into the dishwasher, increasing your dishwasher’s productivity and making the entire process even more efficient.
  • All passthrough dishwashers deliver outstanding commercial performance and reliability while also being an exceptional economical solution.

If this all sounds perfect for you and your business, the team here at Norris are ready and able to take you through our range of high quality passthrough dishwashers and advise you as to which unit will serve your purposes best.

Let Us Help You Find the Best Passthrough Dishwasher

By discovering what your exact requirements are, we can help you choose the dishwasher that is best placed to deliver a high level of efficiency for your business.

Once we have an idea of the volume of dishes you expect to pass through your kitchen, we can match you with the best, most energy efficient passthrough dishwasher for your specific requirements.

As a proud Australian owned and operated company, Norris manufactures and supplies only the highest quality units.

For your added peace of mind and to demonstrate our belief in the units we provide to our customers, we offer a 2-year parts and labour warranty on all our Australian made pass through dishwashing machines.

For our imported units, we offer a 1-year parts and labour warranty so that you can have added peace of mind.

There’s no reason for you to delay in making this important investment in your kitchen. Call the team at Norris on 1800 803 569 to speak to a member of staff who can give you more information on our range of high performance and high quality passthrough dishwashers.

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