AP500 - Good Design Award-Winning commercial dishwasher
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AP500 - Good Design Award-Winning commercial dishwasher

The AP500 is a compact under bench dishwasher that has been specifically designed to solve the
3 key problems in a commercial kitchen:

1. Running out of hot water and having to wait for compliant temperature
(this is a "connect to cold water" unit that is always ready!)
2. Waiting between cycles (1 minute, back-to-back wash cycles)
3. Reduces your machine running costs by a gob-smacking 50%!!

Recently awarded the Good Design Award Gold Accolade for
Product Design:
The judges said the machine is a brilliant example of "innovative Australian design and ingenuity" and "a sustainable product with the potential for big energy savings"

To see more about the Good Design Awards CLICK HERE

Energy claims are supported by testing at the Newcastle Institute For Energy and Resources, (September 2018):

“The operating system in the Norris AP500 as tested can use up to 50% less electricity compared to the operating system of previous model, Norris Cafemate"