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Since 2009 Norris Industries has been working and investing on making the company more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Norris has joined the Sustainability Advantage Program, which is a NSW Government program designed to help companies identify areas that they can improve on areas of consumption, such as energy, water, waste, fuel. 

Some of the areas we have improved since 2008.

Norris installed two 25,000Lt water tanks, the first one in late-2008 and the second in mid-2009. Since then Norris machines are tested using tank water reducing our water consumption from around 510kl in 2008 to 117kl at the end of 2010, being a 77% reduction on mains water consumption.

Norris has also invested heavily in solar technology, during November 2009 installing 54 panels, with a further 66 panels installed in November 2011. All up these 120 panels enabled 22.5kw/h to be produced per day.

As of August, 2018, we have installed over 388 panels and currently average an output of 340kw/h per day.

Since having this system on line, Norris has eliminated an average of 130kg of CO2 per day generating an average 137kw’s per day - equal to 8.5 average households. In conjunction with negotiating a better rate, our power costs have dropped by over 57%.

Norris environmental policies have instigated changes to production processes and replacement of power hungry mercury vapour lights to more efficient lighting that produces around 300% more light at 50% of the cost. Similar changes are also being made in our office such as more efficient lighting, heating and cooling.

Norris will continue pursuing improvements to its factory, machines and processes to reduce our carbon foot print and, make them as environmentally friendly as possible.