Norris Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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More detailed information is available on our brochures & our operator manuals which are supplied with each machine sold. However if you have a any other enquiries or comments that are not covered below please contact us

General FAQs

Is the new Norris Spare Parts Store safe to use?

The new Norris Site is safe to use. It is hosted with shopify who is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant with 128 bit encryption technology, which means that no card details are kept by Norris and as soon as an order is processed your details are deleted from shopify's servers.

Where can i buy a Norris commercial Glass or Dishwasher?

Norris Industries sell through a nationwide network of distributors, who are able to supply you with local service and advice specific to your needs & locality.

How can i find my nearest Norris Distributor?

To find a Norris distributor, please call our sales department on 1800 803 569 (freecall during business hours).

Can i purchase direct from you?

To ensure that you get the best local advice & price we sell only through our dealers

Do you have a showroom i can view your products?

We can advise you of the nearest showroom that displays our products.

What kind of warranty do i get?

All Norris Australian manufactured machines come with a standard 2 year parts and labour warranty.
All Norris imported machines come with a 1 year parts and labour warranty with the exception of the IM200 which comes with a 2 year parts and labour warranty. Click here to register your machine.

What do i do about installation?

Installation of the machines is very site specific, so we do not install the units ourselves. However some of our dealers can also install your machine or recommend a local licensed tradeperson for you. Our machines are designed for easy installation, following the procedures in the installation & operation manual.

How do i operate my machine?

Read the operation manual supplied with your new machine. The daily operating instructions are also located on a panel on the front of every machine for quick reference. Should you misplace or lose your manual, please contact Norris spare parts for a replacement.

do the washed articles come out dry?

No, when the cycle finishes remove the rack to air dry.

Do Norris Commercial Glass & Dishwashers comply with Australian Health Regulations & Codes?

All Norris glass & dishwashers comply with the NSW Food Regulation ACT 1997, Clause 15: Washing facilities for eating & drinking, requiring minimum wash & rinse temperatures & duration.


What type of detergent should I use?

Norris recommends the use of Zexa Chemicals. Norris is also offering a 4 year parts & labour warranty when signing up to the Zexa warranty package.

What about rinse aid?

Rinse aid is used to speed up the drying of washed articles & to reduce streaking/spotting on items it can be adjusted in the same manner as the detergent.

Does the unit need to be connected to hot water?

We reccomend that the machine is connected to hot water, but if only cold water is available it will only increase the time taken between cycles while the machine returns to operating temperature.

What regular maintenance is recommended?

  • Drain the machine every night, rinse and check that the following are clear of blockages & debris
  • Clean Scrap trays & filters at the end of each shift.
  • Wash & Rinse jets
  • Occasional use of a commercial liquid de-scale, will assist with the removal of detergent & calcium build up in the wash chamber of your machine. Using Zexa Chemicals does not require the use of a de-scaler.