proudly australian made and manufactured ~
since 1954

The IM7 Upright Commercial Dishwasher

With European technology this machine has been designed for Australian conditions to be extremely user-friendly and functional pass-through machine. Being the little brother of the IM20 it is best suited for small establishments.


Warranty - 3 years on the control board, 1 year parts and labour on the remainder of the machine
Up to 700 plates per hour*
Three wash Cycles 60 / 90 / 120 seconds
Automatic detergent & rinse aid injection
Easy to clean pressed wash chamber
Self-Diagnostic system
Ergonomically designed
Thermostat Function to ensure set rinse temperature is achieved

Quick Guide

Loads/Hour Up to 40*
Wash Pump Yes
Rinse Pump No
Detergent Yes
Rinse Aid Yes
Time Cycle 60 /90 / 120
Drain Gravity Standard / Drain Pump Optional
Water per rack 2.8L
Usable Height 400mm
Electrical Supply 415v 3 phase 50Hz
Size H1480 x W640 x D740